Cosmos in Reflection

nasa image
Throughout the day, over 12,000 expansive mirrors acquire daylight hours on the 100-megawatt, molten-salt, solar thermal vitality plant on the western fringe of the Gobi barren region arrive Dunhuang, Gansu Province, China. Particular particular person acquire panels turn to trace the sun cherish sunflowers. They conspire to behave as a single expansive acquire reflecting the daylight hours in opposition to a mounted recount, the vitality blueprint’s central tower. Throughout the evening the mirrors stand motionless despite the incontrovertible truth that. They acquire the sunshine of the infinite distant stars, clusters and nebulae of the Milky Plan and previous. This sci-fi evening skyscape turn into as soon as created with a digicam mounted to a tripod arrive the fringe of the estimable acquire matrix on September 15. The digicam’s blended sequence of digital exposures captures concentric arcs of celestial massive name trails thru the evening with massive name trails in surreal mirrored reflection.

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