Moon and Smoke Rings from Mt. Etna

nasa image
Yes, nonetheless can your volcano develop this? To the surprise of some, Mt. Etna emits, as soon as rapidly, smoke rings. Technically acknowledged as vortex rings, the partitions of the volcano a minute of slack the outside of emitted smoke puffs, causing the inner gasoline to switch sooner. A circle of low tension develops so that the emitted puff of volcanic gasoline and ash loops spherical in a hoop, a neatly-identified geometric construction that will even be surprisingly stable because it rises. Smoke rings are rather uncommon and desire a twist of destiny of the factual geometry of the vent, the factual trip of ejected smoke, and the relative calmness of the outside atmosphere. Within the featured portray taken about two weeks ago from Gangi, Sicily, Italy, extra than one volcanic smoke rings are visible. The scene is dim by the crimson gentle of a damage of day Sun, whereas a crescent Moon is visible within the background.

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