NGC 247 and Pals

nasa image
About 70,000 mild-years across, NGC 247 is a spiral galaxy smaller than our Milky Draw. Measured to be finest 11 million mild-years distant it is shut by even supposing. Tilted almost edge-on as viewed from our standpoint, it dominates this telescopic subject of check toward the southern constellation Cetus. The pronounced void on one aspect of the galaxy’s disk remembers for some its in model name, the Needle’s Notion galaxy. Many background galaxies are visible in this consuming galaxy portrait, including the unheard of string of 4 galaxies appropriate below and left of NGC 247 incessantly known as Burbidge’s Chain. Burbidge’s Chain galaxies are about 300 million mild-years distant. NGC 247 itself is portion of the Sculptor Neighborhood of galaxies alongside with the sparkling spiral NGC 253.

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