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‘El Camino’ Is an Ideal Epilogue to a Perfect Ending, Not Another Chapter of ‘Breaking Bad’ - IndieWire thumbnail

In nothing wanting a magic trick, Vince Gilligan delivers a distinguished addendum to “Breaking Rotten” with out tarnishing — and even altering — his popular ending.

[Editor’s Note: The following article contains spoilers for “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie,” including the ending.]

Vince Gilligan didn’t need to exchange the ending of “Breaking Rotten.” No one did. No longer truly. Even folks who wanted to observe extra tales with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman needed to respect how their tales wrapped up within the award-successful crime saga. Walter dies, as changed into his future. Jesse lives, as he deserved. Uncommon is it to uncover this kind of becoming but fulfilling ending to a long-working, extremely revered drama collection, and rarer silent for correct about all americans to agree that the advise nailed its collection finale. Each and each factors kind the chance of including to it daunting, to bellow the least.

So Gilligan didn’t. Yes, in his sequel film “El Camino,” the creator-director chooses to fragment extra of what happens after those iconic closing shots of “Breaking Rotten,” nonetheless it’s purely Jesse’s bolt and that bolt is largely interior. Appreciate necessary of the gathering sooner than it, the movie presents with consequences: What ending does Jesse deserve? By exploring that request, Gilligan expands on the surviving persona’s self-identification with out betraying the implications of his popular conclusion. It makes “El Camino” a minor miracle in itself — a distinguished epilogue to “Breaking Rotten.”

Nothing truly adjustments between the ending of “Breaking Rotten” and the ending of “El Camino” — nothing that couldn’t had been assumed from the closing shot of the gathering and the first (novel-day) shot of the movie, anyway. Jesse (now an older, bulkier Aaron Paul) screams into the steerage wheel as he speeds a long way flung from the Nazis who kidnapped him, held him hostage in an underground penitentiary cell, and compelled him to cook meth for his or her dangle profit. When viewers first noticed that exultation in 2013, they had been correct joyful he changed into alive. However it is seemingly you’ll well also also ponder from Gilligan’s goodbye that Jesse being alive also intended Jesse would be OK — now not OK within the sense that everything would be easy, or that he’d fully recovered from his annoying ordeal, but that he’d survive, uncover a particular lifestyles somewhere along that barren region avenue, and wouldn’t befall the identical destiny as his one-time mentor.

“El Camino” provides definition to those assumptions, as Jesse is forced to fight his diagram out of Albuquerque. He has to preserve a long way flung from the cops, who desire him for questioning; he has to uncover money, to fund his lifestyles on the lamb; and he’s got to compile out of New Mexico, leaving on the support of his ragged lifestyles in repeat to contain a brand contemporary one. Along the model, thru self-reflection and telling flashbacks (that correct so happen to purpose all americans’s current dilapidated “Breaking Rotten” stars), he involves phrases with who he is now. Appreciate Mike (Jonathan Banks) says within the outlet flashback: That you simply would be in a position to keep one other lifestyles, certain, but it is seemingly you’ll well also’t kind up for your previous. That’s now not how it works.

That flashback and the one with Walter (Bryan Cranston) present obvious guideposts along the model. The major tells Jesse how to switch forward, whereas the last suggests where he might amble. Walt’s message at that diner (which, undoubtedly, Jesse didn’t dangle on the time) changed into to sight your attributes and keep a lifestyles from them. That’s sufficient to be joyful — Walter, then, couldn’t presumably know the diagram necessary he wanted to hear that identical recommendation — but the flashbacks also wait on a proper, extra figurative fair. It’s easy to examine “El Camino” to a up to date western, what with the sweeping landscapes, lone survivor, and closing stand-off, nonetheless it’s truly extra of a ghost memoir.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

“El Camino: A Breaking Rotten Film”

Ben Rothstein / Netflix

Jesse, embodied by an aptly frail Aaron Paul, doesn’t belong on this world anymore. That you simply would be in a position to uncover he doesn’t moderately fit, and the folks he encounters are remnants of his previous or limitations to his future. Some ghosts are beneficial, love the weirdly angelic Badger (Matthew Lee Jones) and Skinny Pete (Charles Baker), but they’re all ghosts — extra advisor of interior struggles Jesse’s processing than real, flesh-and-blood folks. That’s why the flashbacks with Mike and Walter work previous framing Jesse’s tips. Even supposing Paul doesn’t moderately be aware love his scrawny, edgy previous self, he doesn’t need to; it is seemingly you’ll well also better sight it’s the older Jesse remembering these moments in preference to the younger Jesse reliving them.

That you simply would be in a position to be aware Jesse’s boost in his decisions for the duration of “El Camino,” most clearly when he confronts the non-cops for the last $1,800 he wants to grab a brand contemporary identification and a visit out of metropolis. He doesn’t need extra, so he doesn’t request for added. A younger Jesse would’ve come in guns blazing, aiming to accelerate out with the entire money — but he’s now not greedy. He doesn’t need to wound any individual or employ any individual. He wants what he calls “a desire.” When the varied birthday celebration denies him acknowledged desire, that’s when he accepts what he’s in a position to and does what he has to steal. Jesse isn’t a pure soul. He isn’t untainted by his previous. He’s correct searching for to be an even bigger man than he changed into, whereas recognizing the subject he’s keep himself in.

“El Camino” illustrates as necessary with grace and show. There’s no gigantic twists or jarring brutality. This isn’t the shocking action memoir that made “Breaking Rotten” into addictive television. It’s an epilogue, providing added context to a conclusion that’s already been established. Gilligan made a promise with his popular ending: that Jesse would survive. He fulfills that promise right here. Moreover, he implied that issues would enhance for Jesse. Again, that’s what we be aware in “El Camino.” The identical feelings we had when he drove away screaming sooner than are very end to the feelings when he drives away silently right here.

There’s a reason this Netflix television tournament is titled “El Camino” as a replacement of “Blue SUV” or “Pontiac Fiero” — the El Camino is Jesse’s foundation and ending. His popular and contemporary conclusions are one within the identical. And that’s OK. It’s better than OK, truly. It’s a deepened appreciation of who Jesse turns into, outside the shadow of Walter. Correct don’t name it a brand contemporary ending. It’s an epilogue, because it wants to be.

“El Camino” is streaming now on Netflix.

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