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[Spoiler alert: This Is Us Season 4.] There’s no denying it, This Is Us fans. Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) gave Rebecca (Mandy Moore) a “mountainous admire story — one for the ages.” And no one can take that away — with the exception of for perhaps the present writers. Right via the principle half of of the fourth season, the NBC drama fascinated regarding the Pearson matriarch’s memory loss, in part revealing her prognosis in the Jan. 14 winter premiere. Nonetheless in the same episode, This Is Us viewers collectively realized the very right likelihood that Rebecca may presumably per chance omit Jack in the long term. So normally, the fandom is getting prepared themselves for an world of ruin.

What came about to Jack and Rebecca in the ‘This Is Us’ Season 4 winter premiere?

Milo Ventimiglia as Jack Pearson, Mandy Moore as Rebecca in This is Us - Season 4
Milo Ventimiglia as Jack, Mandy Moore as Rebecca in ‘This Is Us’ | Jeff Lipsky/NBCU Represent Financial institution/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

The This Is Us Season 4 midseason premiere, titled “Light and Shadows,” bounced between Rebecca’s doctor’s appointment in the present-day and pre-marriage Rebecca and Jack. And per celebrated, the impact of the highlighted timelines hit fans laborious.

Within the present-day, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) flew to Los Angeles after getting his mother an appointment with a neurologist. Rebecca assessments her memory as Randall and Miguel (Jon Huertas) wait patiently. And when the implications attain in, Randall and Miguel are requested to be in the room with Rebecca — now no longer a fair model.

For now, it seems to be Rebecca has gentle cognitive impairment (MCI). Alternatively, she ought to endure extra assessments to resolve exactly what is going down. Though Rebecca will non-public minor memory loss, it’s also probably her memory will proceed to deteriorate.

Meanwhile, This Is Us fans sight as Rebecca and Jack proceed to topple in admire up to now. After Rebecca’s father, Dave (Tim Matheson), overtly disapproves of Jack on the golf path, Jack breaks up with Rebecca.

Heartbroken, Rebecca has a dialog along with her mom, Janet (Elizabeth Perkins), who explains they’re alarmed about Jack’s unreliability. That stated, Janet also tells Rebecca to chop out her possess budge.

“Function definite that he gives you a mountainous admire story — one for the ages,” Janet says.

In spite of everything, this pushes Rebecca to transfer after Jack, who’s working on the automobile store. “I’m in admire with you, Jack,” she says. “You and I? We’re going to non-public it all together. We’re going to non-public the good moments and the runt moments, and it’s going to be one for the ages.”

Jack then embraces his lady friend. “Rebecca Malone, I love you,” he says. “Don’t you ever omit it.” And the two kiss in front of literal sparks.

Nonetheless then This Is Us flashes ahead to existing-day Rebecca. She stares at herself in the contemplate and a single hotfoot falls down her face, as if realizing she may presumably per chance lose her memories of Jack.

‘This Is Us’ fans react to Rebecca shedding her memories of Jack

Following the premiere of “Light and Shadows,” This Is Us fans fell aside, crying over the likelihood of Rebecca forgetting Jack.


“Rebecca doesn’t ever are searching to omit these memories of Jack and she or he factual realized that would happen!” one other fan tweeted.

And naturally, no one is prepared to sight the storyline unfold.

Rebecca is horrified she’ll lose all these memories of Jack,” a fan wrote. “If now we non-public got to take a seat down right here and sight that happen idk if I’ll rating greater.”

“I contemplate Rebecca forgetting Jack is gonna fracture me extra than Jack’s demise,” one other fan wrote.

What the ‘This Is Us’ crew says about Rebecca’s memory challenging ahead

When speaking with Leisure Weekly, This Is Us government producer Isaac Aptaker touched on Rebecca’s fears of forgetting Jack, in particular since they’re all she has left.

“She misplaced her husband too soon, but she has repeatedly had the comfort of these amazing years they’d had together,” Aptaker stated. “They had this form of romantic, mountainous admire story, and the conception of forgetting all of that and now no longer having these memories to lean into is amazingly scary for Rebecca.”

Nonetheless, it seems to be Rebecca’s storyline isn’t linear, even at this level. In an interview with Glamour, Aptaker confirmed This Is Us has yet to formally diagnose Rebecca. So even supposing the dread of shedding memories of Jack are existing, fans will ought to reduction and stumble on what happens next.

“It’s the extra or less story where you don’t rating immediate answers. It’s now no longer admire there’s a truly straight forward blood take a look at and they’ll come up with an instantaneous, definitive prognosis to what’s happening,” he stated. “It’s significant extra of a sight-and-wait. It’s significant extra traumatic in float. We know right here is something that touches heaps of families and heaps of lives, and we’re factual searching to yelp a truly fair version of the story.”

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